Usable Security and Privacy

Course Type:



P4 / 4 SWS / 6 CP (ECTS)


Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer


Peter Mayer

Frequency:Every semester


See below


Important Dates:

14.04.2016 15:00: Kick-Off meeting in A126 with presentation of available topics
18.04.2016: Registration Deadline (undefinedRegistration form will be available after Kick-Off)*
19.04.2016: Topic notification
28.04.2016: Presentation of results from last semester (Room A213, attendance not mandatory, see kick-off slides for details)
28.04.2016 15:30: Privacy Friendly App Meeting (Room A213, attendance MANDATORY for students developing a privacy friendly app) (undefinedslides now available)

Sprechstunde nach Vereinbarung:

Ansprechpartner: Karola Marky karola.marky(a-t) / Christopher Beckmann christopher.beckmann(a-t),

ACHTUNG: Letzte reguläre Sprechstunde vom 13.07.2016 verlegt auf den 15.07.2016 um 15:30 (Raum B208).

22.09.2016: Deadline for handing in the final code and documentation on GitHub
28.10.2016: Presentation of results

*: Note that this WAS a soft deadline, but we can no longer accept registrations.



undefinedRegistration will be possible after the Kick-Off meeting, where the available topics will be presented. It is possible to apply for multiple topics (please state your preferences clearly).

Note that both, writing an email to the organiser AND registering through TUCaN are mandatory to participate in the lab.

Available Topics

The available topics will be presented in the Kick-Off meeting. After the meeting, undefinedthe slides will be made available here for reference. The general areas of interest in this semester will be:

  • Privacy Friendly Android Apps (have a look at those already in the PlayStore)
  • Privacy & Security enhancing Browser Add-Ons
  • Privacy & Security enhancing email client Add-Ons

In case you missed the Kick-Off meeting, you can still contact us if you would like to participate in the lab, but please look at the slides first!


  • All meetings, deadlines, what exactly has to be handed in and grades are determined by your supervisor
  • In general, the last possibility to hand in the results is the deadline in the general description
  • After the results have been handed in, they are presented in our Research Seminars


  • Experiences with the respective programming languages
  • Knowledge in the field of usability and social aspects of technology are a plus
  • Knowledge in the field of it security are a plus
  • Experiences with Git are a plus (usage is expected)
  • Approval to distribute the code under an open source license (if not stated otherwise, we will publish the results on GitHub when development is complete)


  • Application and improvement of programming skills
  • Experiences in software development
  • Experiences in handling different developer tools
  • Experiences in usability and social aspects of technology
  • Design of secusity concepts that are practicable, effective and usable for non-professionals
  • Experiences with Git and GitHub
  • Experiences with open source licenses

Learning Goal

The skill to complete a development task professionally meeting prior specifications and adequately presenting the results. The focus arises from the respective topic. Examples are:

  • Development of usable security-relevant software
  • Reading and understanding scientific literature and technical documentation
  • Programming and documenting component-based software
  • Authentication schemes and protocols
  • Tallying and verification of encrypted votes (e-voting)
  • Usable email encryption and signatures

Einordnung in Studienplan und Prüfungsordnung

Das Praktikum richtet sich vor allem an Studenten der Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Mathematik, Elektro- und Informationstechnik ab 5. Semester, auch für LaG.

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