The family of Privacy Friendly Apps has grown

SECUSO just published five new Privacy Friendly Apps and two updates.The Privacy Friendly Apps are a group of Android apps that are optimized regarding privacy. All apps were developed within SECUSO's usable security and privacy lab by students. The lab aims to teach privacy-aware developed as well as app development.

The new apps are:

  1. Pain Diary
    An app that facilitates recording pain related data like location and intensity of pain.
  2. Boardgame Clock
    An app that supports the time management of boardgames.
  3. Checkers
    A boardgame for one or two players.
  4. Circuit Training
    An app that supports the user in circuit training via time tracking and exercise display.
  5. WiFi Manager
    Automatic switching on an off of the device's WiFi depending on the user's location.

The updated apps are:

  1. Net Monitor
    Monitoring the network traffic of installed apps without permissions.
  2. Todo-Liste
    Managing of todo tasks.

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