Three new Privacy Friendly App Games from SECUSO for Christmas

As an early Christmas present we publish three new Privacy Friendly Apps. Those are game apps for Android that you play with your family. Our new apps are:

1. Battleship

Find our opponent's ship and sink it. More info here.

2. Rock Paper Scissors Boardgame

“Rock Paper Scissors Boardgame” is a combination of Chess and "Rock, Paper, Scissors". Rock, Paper, Scissors are the figures and the chess board. More info here.

3. Ludo

“Ludo” is a board game for one up to six players. The goal of the game is to bring all figures to the goal section. More info here.

All new games belong to the group of Privacy Friendly Apps. None of the games requires so-called permissions like location or camera access. The Privacy Friendly Apps also relinquish advertisement. Therefore, your new games are optimal from a privacy point of view.

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