Three SECUSO papers and one poster accepted at the ACSAC / STAST 2017

The following papers / poster have been accepted for publication at the ACSAC 2017 (Annual Computer Security Applications Conference) / the workshop STAST (Socio-Technical Aspects in Security and Trust):

  • "Privacy-Friendly Chrome Extension for Usable and Fine-Grained Cookie Settings" by Oksana Kulyk, Peter Mayer, Melanie Volkamer and Oliver Käfer (Work in progress-Session)
  • "Addressing Misconceptions About Password Security Effectively" by Peter Mayer and Melanie Volkamer
  • "FoxIT: Enhancing Mobile Users' Privacy Behavior by Increasing Knowledge and Awareness" by Nina Gerber, Paul Gerber, Hannah Drews, Elisa Kirchner, Noah Schlegel, Tim Schmidt and Lena Scholz
  • Poster "Analysis of the Security and Memorability of the Password Card" by Peter Mayer, Alexandra Kunz and Melanie Volkamer

The ACSAC 2017 will be held 4 -8 December 2017 in Orlando (USA). The STAST workshop will take place on 5 December as part of the ACSAC.

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