TORPEDO updated to version 2.0

In the new version of TORPEDO - the Thunderbird add-on for the detection of phishing e-mails - new functionalities were introduced, existing ones improved and, of course, many minor bugs fixed. The feedback of TORPEDO users has been incorporated into the new version as well. Now the following new features are available:

  1. Gray is the new red: So far, all URLs, which were neither declared by the developer nor the user as trustworthy, were provided with a red frame. Since this color is often associated with a direct threat, now gray is used to signal the neutrality of the URL.
  2. Better visibility of the domain: URLs are divided to make the domain more visible. By moving the part after the domain to the next line, you can see even better which part of the URL (the domain) is important for checking the URL.
  3. Context menu with the most important functions: TORPEDO now has a context menu. There are several new functions available. Open it with a right-click on the tooltip.
  4. Editing lists: The two lists with the low-risk domains and the forwarding can now be edited by the user himself. This allows you to add and remove individual domains. Simply click on the lists in the settings and add new entries or remove old entries.

TORPEDO can be downloaded from the official website of Mozilla. More information about TORPEDO is available on the SECUSO website.

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