There are several ways to improve the readability of this website.

Font size icons

On the left at the bottom of each page you can see the letter "A" three times. 

You can decrease the font size with the "A" letter on the left, you can reset the font size to the default with the "A" letter in the middle and you can increase the font size with the "A" letter on the right. If you want to decrease/increase the font size further just click on the according letter again.

Browser shortcuts

You can use the shortcuts on your keyboard "Strg/Ctrl/CMD" + "+" to increase and "Strg/Ctrl/CMD" + "-" to decrease the font size of any website. It is also possible to use the "Strg/Ctrl/CMD" key and the mouse wheel to change the font size.

Browser add-ons

There are several browser add-ons which can improve the readability of websites. Firefox already has a distinct reading mode. Just click on the book icon on the right side of the URL bar. It removes everything except the content. You can adjust the font itself, color and font size on the left side.

If you prefer using Google Chrome you can install the add-on Just Read, an open-source extension which can do the same thing.

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