E-Voting PhD workshop

The first PhD workshop was organized in 2006 in Saarbrücken. Since then, workshops took place in various locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The goal of the colloquium is to foster understanding and collaboration between Ph.D students from various disciplines working on e-voting. To this end, the program allows plenty of space for discussion and initiating collaboration based on presentations by attendees.  What makes this colloquium special, is that it is truly interdisciplinary, where PhD students from legal backgrounds are joined by PhD students with computer science and cryptography backgrounds and by social scientists.

The target audience is:

  • PhD students in e-voting (computer scientists, mathematicians, logicians, legal experts, public administration, political science, social scientists, cryptographers, etc.);
  • PhD students in related areas, where privacy, authentication, integrity and trust play a role, and for whom e-voting constitutes and interesting application domain;
  • Master students in e-voting and related areas are welcome to participate.

Steering Committee: Robert Krimmer, Tallinn University of Technology, Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance (Estonia), Melanie Volkamer, Technical University Darmstadt, CRISP (Germany).

If you are interested in organizing future PhD Workshops please contact the steering committee via e-mail.

Defended Theses from E-Voting PhD Workshop Participants

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