Results of our Research

Our research has resulted in the following open source software, guidelines, and awareness and education concepts:

  • Authentication

    • PIN Management - Flyer and android app to support the user choosing PINs which are secure and easy to remember

  • Web security and privacy

    • NoPhish - Phishing awareness and education concept including Android app, web application, seminar materials, flyers and posters
    • PassSec+ - Add-on to support users in protecting their sensible data (like passwords and bank account details) and their privacy with Firefox
    • PGP - empowered by Facebook - Enigmail Thunderbird Add-on  to automatically import public keys from Facebook friends
    • Privacy Friendly cookie settings - Add-on to help the user choose privacy friendly cookie settings
    • SeBa - Add-on to better understand the security indicators of the address bar in Firefox
    • TORPEDO - add-on for the thunderbird email client, to help users to detect phishing emails

  • Mobile security and privacy

  • Verifiable e-voting

  • General hints - Helping people to protect themselves from security threats
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