Usable Security and Electronic Voting

Educational content

Usable Security Context: Frameworks for context specific warnings or other user support or proof of concept implementations for new password schemes; PlugIns for Firefox and Thunderbird, smart phone apps; besides other implementations of extensions to the SecRank PlugIn.

Electronic Voting Context: Proof of concept implementations both in the context of voting devices and Internet voting (besides others smart phone apps).

Organisational Information: Begin 1st week of classes

Application: PDF Form, fill in and send to cristian.moecke (at)
Deadline: 13.04.2012
Notification: 20.04.2012

Registration: TUCaN

Finish: 07.10.2012


Introduction to IT-Security / Cryptography and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Programming Skills.


Trusted Systems, HCI Lecture

List of Labs

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