Bachelor/Master Theses

We appreciate your interest in writing your thesis in our research group! Unfortunately, we are not offering new theses at the moment.

Our Theses Guide is still available. We have created this document with the purpose of helping you to get an overview of what it means to write a thesis. It explains the prerequisites and the general procedure when writing your thesis in our research group by answering questions such as:

  • How do I obtain a suitable topic?
  • Which prerequisites are there before the thesis can be officially registered with the exams office?
  • Who or what is an exposé?
  • When must talks be held?
  • Where do I find suitable sources for my thesis?
  • How can I decide whether a source is suitable or not?
  • Which templates must be used?
  • How is the supervision organized?
  • How are user studies conducted?
  • any many more...

Please use the following template SECUSO-Template for your talk and the following Latex-Template for your thesis. In case you prefer writing your thesis as Microsoft Word document, you can download the official TU Coporate Design Word-Template. The TU Corporate Design fonts, etc. need to be installed. They can be downloaded here

Thesis overview: In Progress - Finished

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