NoPhish – the Anti-Phishing Training

Learn to detect Internet fraud and react adequately to phishing attacks

What is Phishing and who is affected by it? Phishing is a major issue of the Internet where users are tricked into disclosing their confidential data, such as login or credit card information, usually via fraudulent websites. The gained information is exploited by the phishers with the purpose of impersonating their victims for financial benefits. Usually, phishers send millions of phishing e-mails, so that even a low percentage of deceived users make this method successful. The most reliable way to detect phishing is checking the URL (web address) of a website. 

The target group of such attacks are web surfers in general: Phishing affects private individuals – regardless of their financial status - as well as employees in enterprises and institutions. In this way, large-scale companies as well as small and midsized businesses are increasingly facing the challenge of having to protect themselves against cyber attacks. In this context, awareness-raising and training measures in the area of IT security are an important issue: Only if employees as well as private individuals are aware of the risks and know how to react, they can take the right decision when faced with dubious e-mails, SMS or Facebook entries. This is where the NoPhish anti-phishing training sets in.

What does NoPhish offer? NoPhish is an education concept with the aim of enabling users to detect phishing attacks. It is based on three approaches: awareness-raising about the issue of phishing, transfer of knowledge, and the practical use of the knowledge acquired before. By using different exercise materials and interactive tools, people learn to detect phishing attacks more successfully than before and thus to improve their IT security – on their PC at home as well as in the workplace. The materials may be used independently or in combination with one another.


Available in English:

  • Flyer [25.02.16] – includes the most important rules for phishing detection (as  webpage)
  • Info card [19.04.16]– a summary of the key points with regard to phishing
  • Poster

Currently available in German only:

  • Android App – interactive educational game for the smartphone
  • Web-Application - interactive educational game on the web
  • Training materials – to be used in seminars as well as for self-study

The NoPhish materials have been (further) developed as part of the project KMU AWARE, which is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The project aims to assist German MSE in their ability to identify and fend off possible dangers associated with the use of the Internet.

Further Downloads which help users to detect phishing in various situations:

  • Privacy Friendly QR-Code Scanner App - allows to use your smartphone in order to scan and decode QR codes. Helps the user to spot malicious urls by formatting them in a specific way.
  • TORPEDO - add-on for the thunderbird email client, to help users to detect phishing links in emails.

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If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact Silke Rehfeld or Melanie Volkamer using this e-Mail address.

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