Philipp Rack

Student Assistant

Center for Advanced Security
Research Darmstadt
Mornewegstraße 30
D-64293 Darmstadt

Email: philipp.rack(a-t)

PGP-Key: Key 
Fingerprint: 0BF5 EC7F DC66 1825 9346 E519 1CB0 F9D0 8D82 C7E5

Curriculum Vitae

Philipp Rack is a student assistant in the SECUSO Research Group of Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer since January 2013. He is currently enrolled for the computer science Master's programme at TU Darmstadt. Philipp Rack supported the SECUSO group in the VerKonWa and BoRoWo where he carried out voting studies.

Currently he contributes to the privacy friendly apps, the Nophish app and is responsilble for the maintenance of the Nophish web application. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the website.


Additional Attributes


Teaching Phishing-Security: Which Way is Best?

Simon Stockhardt, Benjamin Reinheimer, Melanie Volkamer, Peter Mayer, Alexandra Kunz, Philipp Rack, Daniel Lehmann
In: 31st International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection (IFIP SEC), p. 135-149, June 2016

Privacy Friendly Apps-Making Developers Aware of Privacy Violations

Karola Marky, Andreas Gutmann, Philipp Rack, Melanie Volkamer
In: 1st International Workshop on Innovations in Mobile Privacy and Security, Vol. 1575, p. 46-48, April 2016
CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Shoulder-surfing resistente Authentisierung an mobilen Endgeräten

Kristoffer Braun, Philipp Rack
In: Risiken kennen, Herausforderungen annehmen, Lösungen gestalten, Vol. 14, p. 45-56, May 2015
SecuMedia Verlag
[Thesis (Master, Bachelor, Diploma)]
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